Trekking Poles For Your Health


Trekking poles help you spread the weight of your body and the backpack. As a result, it will help you use less energy, trek faster and save wear and tear on your legs. This is very important especially when you are descending a steep incline.

Even though some people choose to buy trekking poles with fixed lengths since they believe it saves a little weight, a trekking pole with adjustable length is more convenient. The adjustable length means that you can adjust the length of the trekking pole to suit the terrain and also make the poles compact.

The poles should have shock absorption to help you over the course of a trek. The shock absorption starts with the grip where there is rubber. The poles can have anti-shock systems depending on the price and complexity.

You should know that the anti- shock system will mean using more energy when climbing since you need to apply a little bit effort to push your way up. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for poles where the anti-shock system can be switched on and off.

Before storing your trekking poles, you have to make sure that the inner surface is not damp especially if you have used it in water. Any moisture or water inside can cause rust. In case, you observe any corrosion it is a good idea to wipe the threads with a soft lightly moistened with alcohol or WD-40.

It is important to dismantle the poles shaft by unlocking and pulling the sections apart to allow the tubes to dry after using. After dismantling the trekking pole, leave the shaft to dry. Avoid artificial heating device, just allow them to dry naturally.


Any little dampness can cause the metal surface to oxidize. This could end up affecting the smooth sliding of the shaft sections and the twisting of the plastic locking mechanism. Clean the inside of the shaft with cleaning brushes with an adapter or a coarse barrel brush.

When storing your poles in the cupboard, make sure you store them separately in other compartments. Storing the poles with other things can squeeze the shaft and spoil the height adjustment mechanism. Clean or dry the locking bolts and inside the pole sections regularly using a soft cloth.

If the tip gets caught between rocks, and subjected to a sideways force which may be caused by stumbling or any other factor may break the poles. Therefore, you have to ensure that you take caution when using the pole on very rocky ground.

Most pole manufacturers such as montem outdoor gear have replacement sections. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you break a section. Replace with original fitness from the company or ask technical persons to help you if you find any signs of wear and tear.

You have to remember that keeping all the maintenance tips before and after using the trekking poles will keep them working for longer periods of time. Do not lubricate inside the pole sections or the locking sections as this may spoil the locking mechanism.